Activities Details


Activity Bands can be purchased all weekend in the Camp Eagle office foyer for $20 per person via cash, card or check. These bands grant unlimited access for the Zip 850, Super Swing, Rock Climbing, and Rappelling throughout the weekend (see schedule below for open activity times)

Zip 3000: Come experience one of the longest zip lines in the region with views guaranteed to take your breath away. Be forewarned that there is a mile-long hike to the top, and Camp must enforce a strict 250lb limit. Sign-ups are first come, first served in the Office Foyer. Rides most $20 per person and take place Saturday at 9am, 1pm and 3:30pm and Sunday at 1pm and 4 pm. 

Open All Weekend:

Swimming, Water Toys, Kayaking, Basketball, Sand Volleyball, Tennis, and more!

Church Service

Sunday 8:30 P Dining Hall

Coffee shop

Friday 6:30 P- 8:30 P – window only

Saturday 7 A- 9 P

Sunday 6:45 A- 9 P

Coffee, pastries and more!

Camp Store

Saturday 2 P- 7 P

Sunday 2 P- 6:30 P


Saturday & Sunday: 9 A- 8 P

850’ Zip Line (Activity Band)

Saturday 2:30 P- 7:30 P

Sunday 2:30 P- 6 P

3000’ Zip Line- Purchase tickets in the Office Foyer 

First come, first serve- Tickets- $20

Sessions- meet at the Office Foyer:

Saturday 9 A/ 1 P/ 3:30 P

Sunday 1 P/ 4 P

Rockclimbing (Activity Band)

Saturday 1 P- 5 P

Sunday 2:30 P- 6 P

Rappelling (Activity Band)

Saturday 1 P- 5 P

Sunday 2:30 P- 6 P

Super Swing (Activity Band)

Saturday 1 P- 5 P

Sunday 2:30 P-6 P

Campfire with S’mors at the Nueces fire pit

Sunday 9 P

Front Gate

Friday 1 P- Saturday 1:30 A

Saturday 7 A- 11:30 P

Sunday 6 A- 10 A

Monday 10 A Mandatory Checkout

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