There will be a change to the race loops from previous years with the elimination of the bridge after Armadillo. (It washed away last fall). We will post new maps by June 2019. The distance will be roughly the same.

Race Course Maps:

2019 10U race course – 3.5 miles

2019 12U race course– 5 miles

2019 Cat 3 race course – 8.5 miles

2019 Cat 1 Cat 2 race course – 17 miles

Super D – 2.5 miles

Pre-Ride Maps:  

The race course will not be marked through the START/FINISH area, LISA LANE, or the MINE. These areas will be marked during the day on FRIDAY August 31. The rest of the course will be marked for each different category. There are no changes to the race course from last year. On the maps, “You Are Here” denotes where the pre-ride starts and  these maps will be at that spot on signs on property starting on Saturday August 18. 

2019 12U 10U pre-ride

2019 Cat 3 pre-ride

2019 Cat 1 Cat 2 pre-ride

Pre-Ride Information: 

The trails will be open for pre-riding Sunrise to Sunset- $10 daily fee for pre-riding. Please sign in at the main office when you arrive at Camp. There will be no overnight stays during the pre-ride weekends.  

2019 Pre-Ride Dates 

Saturday August 17

Sunday August 18

Saturday August 24

Sunday August 25

Friday August 31– 1 P to dark- we will be marking the Start/Finish, Lisa Lane, and the Mine during the day on Friday- on the pre-ride maps, those are the ORANGE sections

Saturday September 1- The XC course will be open except for the delays on small sections of trail during these following events: 

8:30 am- 10:30 am– Collegiate Short Track- Start/ Fish/ Finish.  Racers will have the right of way over Pre-riders.

11:20 am- 12 noon– Unicycle Crit- Start/ Fish/ Finish. Racers will have the right of way over Pre-riders.

3:25 pm – 5:00 pm: Adult/ Junior Team Time Trail. The Expo Area /in front of staff housing /through Mine/ bottom of Longhorn to 12 & under split/ Finish. Racers will have the right of way over Pre-riders.

4:50 pm – 6:15 pm: Super D- The uphill of the Super Zip Trail in the North Loop, Wagon and the downhill portion of Longhorn in the South Loop. At the bottom of the Super Zip climb into Wagon, on the jeep road after the Super Zip Trail and on Longhorn there will be intermittent closures for the race to go through. Please listen and obey the course marshals here.

6:00 pm – 7:00 pm: “I’m not a racer XC race”- The 10 & Under Team Time Trial course, the 10 & under XC course (Boot) and Fish. “Racers” will have the right of way.

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